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Texas Historical Markers – Booth, Texas

While out looking for the historical marker for Thompson’s Ferry in Richmond, my friend Steve and I saw a sign showing that we were nearing the town of Booth. I knew from previous research that there was an historical marker in Booth, so we switched gears and decided to head there and find the marker.…

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Morton Cemetery in Richmond, TX

Call me crazy, weird, strange, or whatever you choose, but I kind of like visiting historic cemeteries. My mom’s side of the family has a family cemetery in a small town east of Cleveland called Romayor. It’s not too far from the Trinity River. There aren’t too many graves in the cemetery, but my grandparents…

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Texas Historical Markers

I think that those of us who travel the roads of our great state fall into two camps – those who stop to read the historical markers and those who don’t. To be honest, I kind of fall in the middle somewhere. It just depends on where I’m going and how much time I have.…

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Update: Tom and Freeway!

Back in August, I wrote about my friend Tom Seerden and his dog, Freeway. Freeway was rescued on a rainy night in Livingston back in the spring. Connie Chastain said she saw something on the side of the road and felt like she needed to pull over and see what it was. Turns out it…

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All Hands: a volunteer-powered disaster relief organization.

Imagine this scene playing out in many homes across America after Hurricane Harvey: A young man turns on the TV in time to see a local news station from Houston showing an elderly couple and their beloved dog being rescued from their flooded home by volunteers in a boat. Days later, that same young man…

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Cullinan Park in Sugar Land, Texas

Recently, I was walking around the lake in my neighborhood. I always have my phone with me and I often take pictures of the wildlife. As I was on my third lap around the lake, I saw a gentleman about 20 yards or so ahead of me. It looked like he was taking a picture…

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Hurricane Harvey by Carol McClelland

Do you have any memory of last Monday, August 21? It seems like it was eons ago! I’ll remind you that the big news of the day was the total solar eclipse. If you’re a Facebook user, you’ll remember that everyone was trying to find out where they could buy glasses so that they could…

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Y’all’d’ve – A Proud Texan Speaks

When I was a senior in high school, I went with several classmates on a class trip to Washington D.C. through a program called Close Up. We went in January, and I remember how excited we were to see snow! One memory sticks out more than the rest, however. We were at a restaurant, and…

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Tom Seerden and Freeway

He had seen the picture of the dog on the neighborhood Facebook page before, but he and his wife had decided that they didn’t want another dog. The family dog, Babe, had passed away a few months before, and they decided that it would be easier to just come and go if they didn’t have…

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Back to School – A Teacher’s Perspective

Extra glue sticks and pencils – check. Border for the bulletin boards inside the classroom and in the hallway – check. Student names on desks – check. I went through the beginning of the school year routine year after year, and I never seemed to get tired of it. It’s hard to explain if you’ve…

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