23 Ways to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain


With all the parties, stress and baked goods, the holidays are a time when people tend to gain weight. It’s hard to lose the weight you’ve gained over the November-December months. That’s why holiday weight gain is one of the biggest contributors to total yearly weight gain for many people.

Here are 23 way to help you avoid weight gain during the holiday season.

  1. Eat Before Drinking and Celebrating
  2. Pick More Proteins for Your Meals
  3. Bring Your Own, Healthier Dishes
  4. Eat and Chew Slowly
  5. Fill Up on Fiber
  6. Meditate To Help from Emotional Eating
  7. Serve Meals Restaurant Style
  8. Drink Lots of Water
  9. Use Smaller Plates
  10. Choose Tall and Thin Glassware For Your Holiday Drinks
  11. Make Room for Healthy Fats
  12. Cave Into Cravings (In Moderation)
  13. Take It Easy on the Booze
  14. Ditch the Added Sugar (Use Natural Sugars)
  15. Eat As Many Veggies As Possible
  16. Chew Gum to Curb Your Appetite
  17. Turn Off The TV While Eating
  18. Just Say No When Tempted to Over Eat
  19. Wait Before Grabbing Seconds
  20. Buy Tupperware to Send Your Guests Home With Leftovers
  21. Take It Easy on White Foods
  22. De-Stress Throughout The Holiday Season
  23. Get Enough Sleep

Did we leave anything off of our list? Comment below with your tips and tricks for keeping off the holiday weight.

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