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Hungry for pizza? Who isn’t…. Hop on 99 and head to Il Primo Pizza and Wings for a great atmosphere and delicious pizza. Meet Si Mendoza, owner of Il Primo Pizza. Il Primo has been in Richmond since 2009.

What ignited the spark in you to start your own business?

In 1983 Paul Conti started the first IL Primo restaurant. He moved to Southwest Florida and built a new location there. Currently there are 6 locations. In December 2008 we broke ground on the Richmond location. In the summer of 2016 we started the build out of our first Pizza Truck. It has always been a rule for the restaurants to be part of their communities.

Tell us about some of the challenges of being a small business owner

It is not an easy business. There is a lot of competition. You have to be aggressive. You have to maintain your customer service and follow up and reviews. In the restaurant business our product has a limited shelf life. We always need to maintain a great system of movement, to keep the highest quality possible. Also, our business requires a lot of tools and machinery. Keeping up on maintenance and service on our equipment is crucial. We are not a pizzeria with our oven down ( which happened one day ). The key is always growth. Possibly another location and more Pizza Trucks.

Tell us about IL Primo Pizza & Wings

Our restaurant has always been involved in our community and as much as possible. We do fundraisers with our local school and sponsor team sports such as little league and softball. We are now mobile and are able to be more effective at community functions and school carnivals. Our speciality is pizza and wings. As time has gone on we have added more items to the menu for our customers. We are proud of every day. Everyday we get to be part of our community. Seeing families coming and growing up as time goes by. Proud of our relations with our local police and fire departments. It was an honor to help our community during the time of Hurricane Harvey.

What are some of your key elements to your success?

Staying as focused as possible. Planning is very important. Keeping in touch with our customers and having all our logistics ready for big orders, birthday and team parties. Customer service and product quality are key for a restaurant. We have to stay on top of our operations everyday.

Who are your ideal customers that frequent Il Primo?

Our ideal customer is anyone and everyone. Pizza is a very universal food. National average is that 97% of Americans enjoy pizza. Wings are the most sold during Super Bowl time. Our restaurant is designed as a family style, fast casual pizzeria. We carry beer and wine. It is a very comfortable setting for anyone.
Marketing is key to any business. From social media to little league sponsorships. Mailers to box toppers. Your marketing should always be strong. Marketing is awesome, it makes you think outside of the ” Pizza ” box to keep your name present and ready to meet new customers.

Get in Touch with Si

IL Primo Pizza & Wings
8019 West Grand Parkway South Suite 1035
Richmond, Texas 77407

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