Three Katy Brothers Are Helping To Save The Rhino Population Through Salsa


Three Katy Texas brothers, Ayden, Luke, and George along with their mom make up 3 Sons Foods. 3 Sons Foods was created out of the desire to help put a stop to the illegal poaching of Rhinos. Read their amazing story below…

What ignited the passion in you to help save the Rhino population?

Our business began for the sole purpose of helping to stop the illegal poaching of rhinos. My middle son, Lucien “Luke” loves Rhinos, & when he was around 7 yrs old he ask his friends to bring donations for the international Rhino foundation in lieu of birthday gifts to his birthday party. He continue to do this for the next 4 years, & after 5 years of rhino birthday parties I turned to him and I said we can do more. My idea was to sell my creamy cilantro sauce that I have been giving away to teachers and neighbors as Christmas gifts. And so, we started selling salsa Diablo Verde to those same teachers and same neighbors and friends. About a month into it we realize that we needed help and brought on Luke’s Big Brother Ayden and Luke’s little brother George. Ayden has a passion for wolves and George has a passion for pigs and Humane farming, so we agreed that are second and third food products would go to help those animals. 3 Sons Foods was born!


It took us a while to get all the legalities setup but by July 18th 2017 we were ready to legally sell Diablo Verde. We first began selling at Fulshear farmers market and then we got into stores and we set up a website and started doing online orders. We have also competed and the chili pepper magazine contest won first place for best salsa hot second place for best new product. In October of last year the boys competed in the Acton business fair in Austin Texas and got first place for best business presentation. Most recently we competed in the Star Spangled Banner McKinney salsa Fest, and we were blessed to have won 1st place in People’s Choice, 1st place and 2nd place in salsa green, 1st place in Speciality Sauce. We have also been able to help other organizations like the Danny Dietz Memorial classic & the McKinney salsa fest. Being a part of a fundraiser to help families of fallen Navy Seals & through McKinney helping to feed the hungry we have felt so blessed to be able to help others.


What are some of the obstacles or challenges you faced along the way?

The obstacles that we have experienced are what comes from having a small family business, & on top of that we are a kid run and a kid owned business. The boys are very involved in sports and school and music and theater and church, & adding a business on top of that can be a lot at times and takes extreme organization. However, keeping our mission on of helping to stop illegal poaching of rhinos, is our drive & passion.


Tell us about 3 Sons Foods and Salsa Diablo Verde!

Diablo Verde is an amazing creamy cilantro sauce that is perfect for fish tacos, salad dressing, enchilada, samosas, burritos, empanadas, grilled meat, sandwich spread & much more. Diablo Verde is preservative free, gluten free, soy free, egg free, nut free and a hundred percent full of flavor.

We believe that since we started with a passion for helping rhinos we are unlike many other companies. Our company has a soul and a love that takes us through the late nights and early mornings and the overtime.


What plans or goals do you have for the future of your business?

We would like to continue to grow Diablo Verde and to help rhinos. We would also like to bring in more products and help wolf conservation and also help promote more humane treatment of farm animals.


Who would love to get their hands on your salsa?

Anyone that likes to eat good healthy fresh food. When you taste Diablo Verde you can taste the cilantro & the fresh squeezed lime juice. We make small batches so as not to lose the flavor of the cilantro, the lime juice, & the jalapeños.


Get in touch with Ayden, Luke, and George!

3 Sons Foods
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Katy TX 77494
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