Young Entrepreneur Loves Baking Gourmet Cookies With Her Dad In The Kitchen


Young entrepreneur Makai Walker is learning to run her own business, Kai’s Kookies, while sharing delicious cookies with her community.

What ignited the spark/passion in you to start your own business?

I decided to start my business while making cookies with my dad. I thought they were good enough to sell so I asked if we could start a business. I just wanted to share some of the sweetness we make in the kitchen with the world.


What are some obstacles/challenges you faced when starting your cookie business?

My first obstacle was getting my parents on board and convincing them that I would stick to it. The other obstacles was getting things in order to do business the right way, my parents helped me a lot to get going in the right direction.

Tell us all about Kai’s Kookies!

We offer customer focused fresh baked treats to our customers. We also provide edible branding for clients. Cookie platters for catered events and corporate functions. We have fun paint your own cookie packages for team building, birthday parties or just because. Our newest service is Kai’s Sweet Box, this subscription service brings the sweetness home with a variety of treats and a sweet surprise.


What makes your cookies unique?

We offer a unique twist in a gourmet cookie. We have unique flavor combinations that you don’t just see everywhere. We have an attention to detail when it comes to flavor. Our customers are what makes us keep pushing to create new delicious treats that push the envelope on taste.

What do you see in the future for Kai’s Kookies?

Our future plans involves opening our own cookie warehouse that will allow us to better serve our customers.

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Customer Testimonial

One of our customers purchases a Kurtle (chocolate chip cookie with caramel pecans covered in chocolate). He stated the cookie would be shared with his wife. He went back to his office and took a bite and before he knew it, it was gone. He came back to our booth and said I need three more of those one to eat now and two that will go in the trunk so they are sure to make it home. It was a sweet humbling moment stating he never tasted anything quite like that.


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