Needville, TX

Welcome to Needville

“The Home of Friendly People.”

In 1981 a settler by the name of August Schendel opened a general store on his 160 acres of land and founded the town of “Schendelville”. By 1984 the growing town had a blacksmith, cotton gin, and room had been set aside for a post office. As a joke Schendel applied for a post office using the name “Needville” since it seemed to him that his town “needed more of everything”. Unfortunately Needville, Texas already existed at the time so the post office amended the name to “Needville” and Schendel was appointed the first Postmaster. The early economy based mostly off livestock and farming was radically changed in the 1920-1930’s with the discovery of oil, natural gas, and sulfur in the area.

Every October since 1983, Needville hosts the Needville Harvest Festival. The festival is organized by NHF, Inc. in an effort to draw visitors to Needville in the hope of stimulating local business, to raise funds for community development, and to fund annual scholarships for local high school students. Needville Independent School District services the town. High school students attended Needville High School unless they are zoned to BF Terry High school, a part of LCISD. The City of Needville Police Department serves and protects the city of just over 3,000 people.