#MyFortBend visits Urban Bricks Pizza


The #MyFortBend team was invited to Urban Bricks Pizza in Richmond, TX. Being pizza lovers, it was truly an offer we could not refuse. It was fairly busy for Sunday lunch when we arrived, and everyone appeared to be enjoying their food. Upon arriving we were greeted by Chad, who walked us through the process of customizing your pizza and the options that were available to us like crust, sauce, toppings, etc. They have all the staple options in terms of toppings, and then some. Once you decide on your crust and toppings the pizza goes into a big brick oven and is cooked while you wait.

The whole design of the location was very modern and had an industrial feel while still being very inviting. They have one of those cool digital coke machines, where you can select which drink you want. Normally, we would have gotten a beer, but we decided on soft drinks since we were there on business. The seating area isn’t too big, but it’s not too small. There was a pretty good crowd for a Sunday afternoon and we were still comfortable. They have three TVs on the wall, so it would be a good place to grab a pizza, beer, and watch some sports. We asked Chad if he could turn on some football and he accommodated our request pretty quickly. Another cool thing I noticed was they have an outdoor seating area. It would be awesome to enjoy some pizza on a nice day.

The pizza was cooked and ready pretty quickly. They even have a second assembly line with it’s own oven to handle very busy service times. The pizza itself was excellent, cooked perfectly with just a little bit of crunch. What I really liked was that each of us made our own pizza how we wanted it. There was no compromise and we were all able to get exactly what we wanted. The personal size pizza was light enough to not leave you stuffed, but filled us up just enough to leave room for dessert.

For dessert Chad had us sample two of their desert pies, one was a cinnamon sugar pie with and icing topping the other was a Nutella Banana Pie with powdered sugar. I really enjoyed both dessert pies. However, I would have liked the bananas not to be baked, something about warm mushy bananas that was weird to me. I know if I had asked they would have gladly made it that way. We were then each treated to a cup of gelato. I got the Mango gelato, Thomas decided on the Birthday Cake gelato, and Ryan grabbed the Mint Chocolate gelato. The desserts were so good I can see us going making a trip back just for dessert or to get a cup of gelato.

Fast casual build your own pizza joints are a growing trend, and Urban Bricks Pizza sits right up on top with the other major players in terms of experience, quality, and options. Although Ryan had been here once before the rest of us were very pleased with our fist visit.

Contact Info:
Urban Bricks Pizza
5650 West Grand Parkway South #100
Richmond, TX 77407

Monday – Sunday: 11:00 pm – 10:00 pm

Photos by: Joe Avila, Ryan Barthel, and Thomas Randlett

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