Top 4 Friendly Dog Parks in Fort Bend


There’s nothing like getting out of the house after a boring week at home while your people are away at work. At least, that’s what your pup thinks!

Taking your dog to dog friendly parks can provide essential mental enrichment for your furry friend. Since they don’t have the opportunity to chat with friends or go for a walk during the day like we do, it’s up to us to keep boredom at bay for our pets. They’re just as much a part of the family!

Keep reading to find about the best dog parks in Fort Bend, and find the perfect one for your pup’s playdate!


Pawm Springs

Pawm Springs is one of the most popular dog friendly parks in Fort Bend. That means there are usually plenty of dogs around for your pup to socialize with.

It’s six acres of tropically themed, off-leash fun. There are separate areas for small and large dogs, and even features a pond if your dog fancies a dip!

For the humans, there is a shaded area and lots of benches to relax on while your dog makes some new friends.

Pawm Springs is open from dawn until dusk, 7 days a week.


Riverstone is a private, 3.5 acre park. Like Pawm Springs, it’s off-leash, and has two separate areas for small and large dogs.

There’s no pond, but there’s a dog obstacle course for your furry friend to get his exercise in! There’s also a washing area to rinse your dog before getting in the car. You’re also allowed to bathe your dog there without the hassle of cleanup at home.

Grand Lakes

Grand Lakes is smaller than Riverstone and Pawm Springs, providing a more intimate play session for pup and owner. You might not spot many other dogs here. Sometimes, owners who might not have a yard enjoy coming here to play fetch.

There are poop bags available, so it’s always nice and clean. There’s plenty of shade and a picnic table for humans to relax at.


Millie Bush

Somewhere between the two big parks and Grand Lakes in size, Millie Bush is a great spot to bring your pup who wants to make one or two new friends.

There are three wash stations so you’ll never need to wait to rinse your dog’s paws off before he jumps in the car. They’re distributed evenly throughout the park, in both the large and small dog area.

There are even three clean dog pools for your pup to take a dip in, if you’d rather him clean his feet that way! There’s nothing like a cool swim on a hot Texas day.

A huge plus: the water in the fountains here is ice cold! It’s a must during a hot Texas summer!

Dog Friendly Parks Are Just the Beginning

Now that you’ve scheduled your Saturday afternoon with Fido or Freeway, you’re probably ready to leave the pup at home and check out some other things Fort Bend has to offer!

Check out our calendar for a list of local events and things to-do!

Photo Credits: Baroo Park, Pawfect Days

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