5 Ways to Prepare for Hurricane Season in Fort Bend County


Sitting right next to the warm waters of Gulf of Mexico, Texas is very susceptible to some pretty brutal hurricanes. If you live in Fort Bend County, and you experienced Hurricane Harvey, you should check out this list of hurricane preparations you should make this year.

What if making a few key preparations could save your house and your family?

It may sound like a nightmare, but a hurricane can easily cost you your entire home and endanger your family. And since Texas is right by the Gulf of Mexico, this great state is in danger of nasty hurricanes every year.

However, all it takes to be ready is a few key hurricane preparations. We’ve prepared a handy guide to the five things that should be on your hurricane prep list!

1. Make a Hurricane Kit

Purchase this hurricane kit pictured

It’s important to have an emergency kit in case of a hurricane. This kit should include key information such as your insurance policy, a map, and a list of important phone numbers.

Make sure it has critical supplies such as batteries, a clock, a weather radio, and battery-operated lanterns. Don’t forget to include clean clothes, toilet paper, flashlights, and garbage bags!

2. Have an Evacuation Plan

The worst case hurricane scenario involves having to evacuate your home. However, it’s vitally important that you have an evacuation plan or you will not know what to do when the worst happens.

First, find out whether you are in a hurricane evacuation zone, as this will legally require you to evacuate in the event of a hurricane. Consult with your local city government about the evacuation plan, and pay special attention to the different routes you can take to safety!


3. Water, Water Everywhere

If you are staying in your home instead of evacuating, then stock up on as much water as possible. This includes filling up your sinks and bathtubs so that you will have quick access to emergency water.

Don’t forget: the bottled water is for drinking, while the tub and sink water is for keeping clean. While you’re at it, don’t forget to crank your refrigerator and freezer as low as possible before the hurricane hits to preserve food longer.


4. “No Hunger” Hurricane

Of course, changing the settings on the fridge won’t matter if you don’t have enough food. That’s why it’s important to stock up leading up to the hurricane.

Focus on non-perishable goods, and get enough to get your family through at least two weeks. It’s also good to get a lot of prepared foods, as these pre-packaged items will last a while and can easily be taken on the go if you must unexpectedly go somewhere else.

5. Medical Kit

We already talked about having a hurricane kit filled with critical supplies. It’s equally important to have a medical kit as well.

Purchase this medical kit pictured

You don’t know what could happen during a hurricane, so this kit will have a little bit of everything. This includes children’s medicine, petroleum jelly, disinfectant, bandages, and sterile gloves. Also, don’t neglect any feminine hygiene products, rubbing alcohol, iodine, and over-the-counter medicine.

Trust us: you’ll appreciate having a kit ready when the local pharmacy sells out of everything and the local caregiving services are swamped!

Hurricane Preparations: The Bottom Line

You know how important hurricane preparations are to keep your family safe around Fort Bend County. Be sure to follow local Fire, Police, and of course us on social media for emergency notifications and updates.

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