90s Classic Throwback Igloo Coolers Are Back!


Igloo is throwing it back with a special capsule that is all that and a bag of chips. Originally released in 1992, three key products are featured with a bright color palette that are sure to make you want to break out the Aquanet and dust off your DayGlo! Today, we brought them back with with the same colors, build on the same machines, in the same factory in the USA!

This throwback collection will be produced on the exact same machines that made the original products at the company’s headquarters in Katy, Texas. More than 1,200 employees churn out over 500 Igloo products that are sold around the globe. This throwback release is a testament to company’s longevity, Igloo was founded in 1947, and loyalty from customers in every corner of the United States.

Source: fanbuzz.com

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