Holiday Traditions from Folks Around Fort Bend County


Christmas time is more than just opening presents under the tree, but it’s also time to revisit family traditions. From matching PJs, personalizing ornaments, visiting a tree farm to chop down your Christmas tree, and baking delicious holiday treats. This is a great time to make new memories with friends and family and/or share old memories and traditions.

Read some of the family traditions from residents around Fort Bend. Want us to share your favorite tradition?

“To celebrate Día de Guadalupe (Dec 12), the family makes tamales with my MaMa and PaPa showing us the tricks of the trade. On Christmas Eve, I prepare a 7 fish dinner for my family and we watch It’s A Wonderful Life. On Christmas Day all my family in the Houston area gather together to celebrate the birth of our Savior. We over eat, wear handmade Christmas party hats made years ago, partake in a family white elephant where your not allowed to steal PaPa’s gift because he pouts, tell childhood stories, play monopoly, call siblings that live in MD VA and PA, take a family picture and more important make merry memories.”

– Adriana S.

“A new ornament for each family member every year. When each person decides to marry and leave home they have a nice collection of ornaments to share with their new family.”

– Marilynn N.

“We didn’t plan this as a tradition but we typically go out to my in-laws place Christmas day, and on the way back we typically end up at the same Chinese spot in Tomball that we’ve renamed the Super Mega Buffet. We’ve done this over the last 5 – 6 years now.”

– Brad P.

“We would get the cheesy paper poppers. Everyone had to wear the hat and we took a pic. It was always cute. Eating Schwans southern style biscuits with sausage gravy EVERY Christmas morning!”

– Karen C.

“We do gingerbread houses with our daughters every year. They are ALL grown now and from the ages of 18-31 but still love doing it and make fabulous houses still!”

– Dawn M.

“Everyone gets to pick out one new ornament every year, Christmas cookie decorating, watching Christmas movies, reading nightly Christmas books, ornament making, obviously driving around looking at the lights.”

– Kelly K.

“Christmas PJ’s on Christmas Eve, after we put out Cookies and Milk (Might be a White Russian) Billy reads the Cajun Night Before Christmas in his thickest Cajun Accent.”

– Misty S.

“Church was the focus on Christmas Eve, got to come out of our rooms and head to stockings when Dad said so, on to presents at the tree and breakfast of French toast.”

– Sally M.

“Everyone gets to open new pajamas on Christmas Eve and then we have a picnic of finger foods on a blanket in front of the fireplace in the living room and watch a Christmas movie.”

– Sandy V.

“We open one gift each (not from Santa, of course) on Christmas Eve. Watch the movie “A Christmas Story” on Christmas Day.”

– Angela G.

“On a Saturday in December, a bunch of friends and I get together right here in Pecan Grove for our annual Cookie Day. Everyone brings their favorite recipe and we make tons of cookies. Then, everyone gets to take a little of everything we baked home with them. Oh, and there’s alcohol involved. 🙂 My musical choice is Ray Conniff.”

-Monica S.

“We have prime rib Christmas Eve and let the kids open 1 present. Christmas pajamas on Christmas Eve and set out cookies for Santa. Leading up a Christmas movie from Dec 1-24 every night.”

– Laura B.

“Putting out Dutch (wooden) shoes instead of stockings.”

– Margaret R.

Photo credits: Carrie Stevens, SHerman

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