Rosenberg Offering Free Simple Recycling Program


Have you heard about Simple Recycling?

It is a FREE program for citizens in Rosenberg City limits. On Wednesdays, you can gather up your unwanted textiles, place them in your orange Simple Recycling bag* and leave them at the curb by 7:00am for free pick-up.

What can you recycle? Bedding, linens, belts and ties, books, undergarments, towels, toys, pillows, kitchenware, tools, fashion, accessories, coats and jackets, and more!

Where do you get an orange Simple Recycle bag? Call (866) 835-5068. After each pick-up, Simple Recycling will leave a new bag.

Why bother recycling your old textiles? Well, the best thing you can do is donate them, but the next best option is to recycle. That helps keep excess trash out of landfills. 85% of all clothing waste ends up in a landfill for cities without curbside recycling programs – that’s 20 BILLION pounds a year in the US!

See the City of Rosenberg Facebook page for details.

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