Backyard Cookout Safety Tips This Football Season


Now that football has started up again, here’s some safety tips for your next backyard Texans cookout!

1. Always Wash Your Grill Racks

Unwashed grill racks can be a breeding ground for bacteria and could contaminate your food. Use a wire brush or grill brush to remove all the debris from the racks.

2. Don’t Place Your Grill Close To Your Picnic Table

Avoid potential fire hazard and place your grill away from where people will be gathered at your cookout.

3. Don’t Wear Lose or Flowing Cloths

A drooping sleeve or flowing dress could brush against the grill or hot coals and catch fire. Use heat-resistant grilling mitts and long handled utensils to avoid burns.

4. Keep A Fire Extinguisher Handy

Know where your fire extinguisher is kept and keep a spray bottle filled with water nearby just in case of fire emergencies.

5. Don’t Add Charcoal Starter or Lighter Fluid To Hot Coals

Unless you want to burn off your eye brows, don’t spray light fluid or charcoal started to hot or burning coals.

6. Don’t Use Alcohol, Kerosene, or Gasoline To Start Your Grill

See #5 above! Using any of these fluids to start a fire can cause an explosion.

If you have any other tips about backyard cookout safety, let us know. What are your favorite foods to grill at a backyard cookout?

Photo credit: Don and Janet Beasley

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